Drum Washer RW

Drum washer RW function is to wash:
• Root vegetables. In this case, it will generally be positioned behind a Cyclonic destoner or in a outlet steam peeler.
• Peas and / or green beans. In this case, it is positioned in immediate release of the Cyclonic destoner.

Production :
All classical roots: young and large industrial carrots, turnips, potatoes, salsify – 25T / hour
Peas – 20T / hour and Green Bean 15T / hour

Technologie / Typologie / Cadence
• Cylindric drum consisting of round bars of iron or stainless steel for food and concrete component completed by an inner semi-turn manually adjustable to brake and regulate the passage of the product.
• A control consisting of two shafts, carrying rollers of high load bearings ensure the rotational drive of the drum 2 from gearmotors.
• Washing, bin collection and recycling of water:

Method of washing and spraying: cleaning ramps supplied fresh water and / or recycled water.
Water recycling: recycling bin buffer / settling and pump assembly