Hydraulic conveying installation

Where conventionnal conveyors are difficult to install because of :
• space (existing machines – going from a building to another or from one floor to another…)
• height
• distance

A hydraulic conveyor system can be provided to handle such products as :

  • grains (peas – beans – lentils – maïze…)
  • whole vegetables (potatoes – baby carrots…)
  • chopped or diced vegetables
  • grean beans
  • fruit
  • generally speaking, any other solid small size product (80 to 100 mm. spherical dimensions) suitable for handling in suspension in a liquid.



A hydraulic conveying installation generally includes :
• a pumping unit
• a dewaterer
• a water cleaning unit
• piping

Pumping unit

The pump and its working speed have to be carefully selected according to :
• nature of product (size – fragility…)
• height and distance to cover with the conveyor.

The pump, generally supplied in cast iron, can have :
• a rotor with 1 or 2 channels
• an open rotor (Vortex).

A stainless steel suction tank and hopper, fitted with a level regulating device, receives the product to be introduced in the circuit.