Resonance vibrating conveyor

Resonance Vibrating conveyors can be of various types :

• Handling of bulk product.
• Dewatering or rinsing/dewatering.
• Feeding – grading – waste separating.
• Feed and discharge of wide belts (blanchers, freezers…).


The machine consist of a strong frame 

A stainless steel trough, the shape and the section of which are designed to suit the application.

This trough can be with :
•The bottom part entirely or locally perforated (dewatering, grading, waste separating…)

• Several channels (handling products of different natures or grades with the same conveyor…)

• Adjustable deflecting plates and distribution gates, manually or pneumatically operated, Positionned in the trough to suit the installation (flow dividing-distribution on several machines).

A flexible device linking the trough to the frame, including a set of plastic-coated spring blades fitted on the machine, they allow the trough to oscillate according to a well-defined trajectory.

A driving unit, situated either above the trough or under have unbalance motors.
According to the work the machine is intended to do, it may be equipped with :
A spraying rack with adjustable spray nozzles / * a water gathering tray / * a feeding siphon when the dewatering vibrating conveyor is included in a pump handling circuit …

Dimensions :
Length : up to 8 meters
Width : 300mm to 1400 mm 1 to 3 channels)

Production :
Grains  (peas – beans – lentils – maize…) : up to 20 tons per hour
Green beans : up to 15 tons per hour
Root vegetables : 15 to 20 tons per hour