Perhaps more than other legumes, leafy green vegetables like spinach, Mulukhiyah, mloukhiya, molokhia, molohiya, mulukhiyya, malukhiyah, moroheiya, Swiss chard, Savoy Cabbage, Salads, Herbs (flat & curly parsley, cilantro, basil, chives) … but also Seaweed, require the use of equipment very powerful. Indeed, the material is particularly difficult to work.

Wet, packed, containing twigs, mud, sand and stones, insects, larvae, snails and mice!

While respecting the integrity of the final product, EAMS offers an integrated set of machines Reception, Unpacking, Ventilation and wash that meet the increased presence of organic waste in the feedstock related to reduced use phytosanitary products.

We can also integrate various functions not supplied by EAMS … such as optical sorters, cutters, weighing equipment, metal detector, …