Vibrating separator for Snip

Machine intended to separate small pieces of product out of required dimensions of the compliant product.

Max length: 2.80 meters
Width: from 1000 mm to 1950 mm

The motorization consists of 2 unbalanced motors.


up to 12t / h by vibration


 Machine used for fresh and and frozen vegetables.

By vibration, the machine channels et aligne the product in a succession of parallel gutters placed ones close to others.

By means of a simple and appropriate adjustment, the operator can initiate simultaneously – Generally from 0 to 200mm – a transversal opening in all the gutters.

The adjustable dimension of this openings allows to select the length of the product which will fall in (on a belt, in a waste box …) and thus to separate it from the longer product which will continue to progress in the gutters until at the exit of the vibrating.

Example of use:

  • Separate small pieces unwanted by their shape (badly cut, …) rings of CARROTS frozen.
  • Separate small pieces of broken BEANOT from whole.