The company EAMS

Innovate, develop and offer the technologies and equipment best suited to vegetable processing lines, this is our business.

With 20 years of experience, we work for the canning industry – frozen – dehydrated and ready meals

From diagnosis to delivery, EAMS Industrie wants to be a reliable and flexible partner who, by your side, will work to provide you with the right machine for the right function to guarantee you a head start and increased productivity.

Engineering – Studies

In a partnership with you, we define the process that corresponds to your project, the machines and the associated instrumentation. In a turnkey “Process”, we will draw and calculate the support structures of the machines, the circulation means on the installation. Together with our electrician and pipefitter partners, we define the necessary energies and fluids.

Manufacturing – Cooperation

Our machines are designed, mainly manufactured and tested on our Quimper site. When outsourcing is necessary, we do it with our design plans and in compliance with the standards and codes in force.

On-site assembly of production lines – Commissioning – Training

Our teams, specially trained, assemble the lines. Thus we install all the equipment in the respect of the deadlines and the security.

We can also train your teams to conduct the line.